With SEO competition analysis for a better ranking

We, humans, are curious by nature. Or have you never looked at a competitor’s website? Clever marketers have not been content with that for a long time. A comprehensive SEO competitor analysis provides much more valuable information…

An SEO competition analysis provides you among other things:

  • Ideas for suitable keywords
  • Ideas for valuable backlinks
  • Ideas for attractive content

Do you want to beat the competition with your own weapons? Then go for it!

The right keywords

Keywords are always at the core of SEO competition analyses. But not all keywords are the same. Each has an individual value for your company and for your competitors. For example, you can rank very well on money keywords, while your competitor pursues a different strategy and relies on long-tail keywords, for example. While you put a lot of effort into targeting your content on money keywords, your competitor can outrank you with their good long-tail keyword strategy. Therefore, it is important to focus on both types of keywords.

But it is also a fact: Even if you have already achieved a good ranking with important keywords, this is always only a snapshot. Because the competition does not sleep and also operates active SEO. In addition, Google and Co. regularly change their search algorithms.

Identify your top keywords

Not all keywords are relevant for your business. Especially for newcomers, it is a big challenge to distinguish the important from the unimportant keywords. Keyword tools like the one from Google Ads are helpful. This presents, in addition, the traffic and the competition density.
We have tested the most important keyword tools for you. Click here for the article.

Identify your top competitors

Now identify those competitors who are particularly successful in grabbing organic traffic. Then it’s not always the market leaders or the best-known players. So it’s best to use Google and look at the search results with common keywords. Where you appear here is not important at first.

There are many software solutions on the market that make a “manual” analysis unnecessary. SEObility and SEMRush are among the most popular tools to keep an eye on both keywords and your competitors. Both tools have a freemium version.