Formulating texts and questions when creating your questionnaire

1. Write the way you talk

Every text, with all the rules, is a personal product. So do not try to pretend. You’ll only cramp up. When my junior copywriters ask me how they should write, I always say:

Imagine you’re sitting at the counter and you meet a friend, and that’s who you’re telling the story to now. Sit down at the keyboard and write it down just like that.

You’ll see that the first draft of the text will read smoothly.

2. Never try to write ready for print immediately.

A good text is never created on the first throw. Quite the opposite. Texting is a process.

If you try to write perfectly right away, you’ll only block yourself because you’ll get stuck on phrasing, sentence positions, etc. for too long.

The first text should “only” be complete and contain everything you want to say.

After that, shorten it. Ask yourself the questions:

  • Can I make something shorter?
  • Are there more attractive words? (Ah, there’s the synonym dictionary again).
  • Where are duplications?
  • Can I say it more simply?

3. Mark sentences that are too long

After you have the raw text, check the sentence lengths. Take a pen and mark all sentences that contain more than 20 words. Then think about how you can break up at least a large portion of these sentences into several.

4. Mark all commas

This is a simple trick to find out if there are too many nested sentences in your text. Try to turn unnecessarily inserted subordinate clauses into sentences of their own.

5. Tick all the words monsters

In the heat of the moment, our favorite text breaks like employee satisfaction analysis are quickly written. So review the text and rewrite it consistently.

6. Rewrite your text

The improved text will improve faster if you rewrite it with your corrections. Avoid “messing around” in the existing text document.

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